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The Average Homosexuals

The place where gay people feel accepted

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General purpose homosexual topics and advice
This community is for gay and gay friendly people that feel average. We are not the super gays where everything seems to fall in our laps. Dating seems to only come once in a while. We dream about what could be and end up settling for what is. We're not always happy, but we're not always sad either. Every once in a while we are surprised by something terrific.

We realize that being gay is difficult and we seek each other to feel accepted. Well, you are accepted here. You don't have to be creative or have fashion sense to enjoy this community. Having sex on a regular basis is not a prerequisite to post.

If this seems to fit you, then this is your community.

Community Guidelines
  • Posting of pictures and videos, including YouTube videos, is acceptable as long as they are not nudes. Please post them under a lj-cut tag.

  • Posting of porn and Not Work Safe (NWS or NSFW) material is not acceptable. There are many other LJ communities that are perfect for that. We have many people in this community who are under the age of 18.

  • Posting of Memes and Quizzes is not acceptable, as they belong in your own journal.

  • Polls are acceptable so long as they have something to do with the community.

  • Posts that have comments disabled will be deleted. This is a community and disabling comments is not in keeping with a community environment.

  • Maintainers will mark and delete advertisements as spam.

  • For courtesy, very long posts should be behind an LJ cut tag.

  • Please report any abuse or harassment to one of the Maintainers, as we may miss the particular post or comment.

  • Maintainers can delete abusive posts or comments without warning.

  • If abuse is reported, you will be warned or even banned.

  • This is not a hookup place. Posts requesting hookups and the like will be deleted.

  • Don't post shoutouts such as 'Hey Guyz!' (Note that this doesn't refer to introduction posts. Those have a purpose, while shoutouts have none other than to get LJ comments.)

  • Keep Internet shorthand to a minimum in your posts.

  • And most important, be kind, supportive, and respectful.

Guidelines will be adjusted from time to time as the need arises.

Please note: Membership's moderated now, so any new members who want to join have to clear it by gregoid or rogonandi. This is due to prevent bots from advertising products in this community. This is also not the place for community promotions. Promotional posts will be deleted without notice. If you wish to promote your community, you can go over to community_promo or any other promotional community. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.